The customer


London, UK

Aperio system integrator: 
NetNodes DoorFlow

Aperio devices installed:

59 Aperio locks 

Year of installation:

The challenge

Innovation centre

Plexal sits within Here East, in the former press and broadcast centre for London’s 2012 Olympic Games.

To bring enterprise and academia together under one roof, the building has been reconfigured for technology companies, start-ups, universities and creatives.

Key requirements included:

  • high-end security to protect co-workers against unauthorised intrusion
  • easy, non-disruptive installation of new locking devices without cabling
  • flexibility to expand access control if needs at Plexal scale over time
  • product aesthetics to match Plexal’s contemporary glass office design

The solution

Real-time control

Plexal is fitted with Aperio wireless locks integrated with DoorFlow, NetNodes’ online platform for managing and auditing access. Aperio locks provide secure physical protection and transmit comprehensive door status information to DoorFlow in real time.

“It was quick and easy to install Aperio with minimal disruption,” says Stewart Johnson, Director at NetNodes.

Device design

Aperio aesthetics are a good fit for Plexal’s workspace. “We needed an effective stylistic design which was not only robust but adaptable, too,” adds Plexal’s John Herbert.

Because they are battery- rather than mains-powered, Aperio locks keep energy consumption low. Aperio also gives Plexal the option to expand to new offices, floors or even buildings easily.

“We foresee changes in the not-too-distant future and are delighted at our options to modify.”

- John Herbert, Facilities Manager at Plexal