The customer

Aintree University Hospital

Liverpool, UK

Aperio system integrator: 
Grantfen & Inner Range 

Aperio devices installed:
Approx. 200 Aperio Online escutcheons

Year of installation:

The challenge

Track record

As part of a £35 million refurbishment of A&E and other urgent care services, the hospital trust sought an upgrade to its access control system. They wanted access technology with a proven track record in the healthcare sector.

Close cooperation with existing security providers, Grantfen and Inner Range, would crucial for the project’s success.

Key requirements included:

  • flexible, scalable access control to streamline operations, extending public access while maintaining restrictions to sensitive areas
  • a wire-free system so installation would not disrupt day-to-day work at the hospital
  • integration between hardware from multiple suppliers
  • a solution that could be installed cost-effectively

The solution

Open architecture

ASSA ABLOY partnered with Grantfen and Inner Range to deliver a unified platform, which combined the Integriti access control system with Aperio battery-powered escutcheons. Because Aperio is built on open architecture, integration is seamless.

Aperio offered a straightforward alternative to a complicated wired solution, without any need to modify the doors.

Cost savings

Aperio saves the hospital money when operational. Wired locks are powered by an always-on mains electricity supply. Aperio locks, on the other hand, only “wake up” when activated by a user credential.

And because Aperio components are powered by standard batteries, maintenance is easy: a simple battery replacement after 2 years approximately.

“Aperio escutcheons proved to be the most cost-effective and easy-to-install security solution for the hospital.”

- Sue McIntyre, General Manager, Grantfen