Aperio® in Office and Corporate Premises

Secure your offices flexibly with smarter, more sustainable, wireless locking

Where is Aperio used?

  • Large and small offices
  • inc. corporate headquarters
  • Public sector offices

Who is considered?

  • Managers/Permanent Staff
  • Mobile Workers and Contractors
  • Office Visitors
  • Cleaning Staff and Other After-hours Workers

Common Challenges

To replace mechanical keys, you want the option to extend your existing access control system seamlessly rather than start again from scratch. Security investments must be future-proofed. You may manage multiple sites from a single system or change access status of rooms quickly. Devices should blend with modern design aesthetics.

Aperio solution

With Aperio wireless, battery-powered locks you can extend an existing access system or install access control from scratch. Additional products adapted to this sector include:

  • KS100 Server Rack Lock for securing data centres
  • H100 Wireless Handle to blend with modern office design
  • Web Manager software for remote access system control


Company Type:

Casablanca, Morocco

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