Aperio® L100 Electronic Lock

Monitor and filter access through security doors with this complete security lock and integrated RFID reader. Add multi-factor security to your security doors without mechanical keys

L100 Electronic Lock with optional PIN code functionality is a complete wireless security lock built with Aperio technology. It offers optimum physical protection, transmits door status information to your access control system and provides multi-factor authentication at doors where your security needs it.

Optimum burglary protection and resistance against extreme temperatures (to –45 °C) ensure the L100 is also suited to exterior doors with higher security requirements where the door in a building perimeter such as a portal entrance (internal side of the door is located inside the building). The Aperio L100 Lock meets EN 179, EN 1125 and EN 12209 standards and has a CE mark. It has a certified ingress protection rating of IP55.

This innovative, battery-powered wireless security lock offers an easy way to extend an existing access control system to doors with higher security levels — completely wire-free. Users may continue to use their existing access credentials to open L100-equipped doors.

Depending on your specific integration, the L100 supports a Duress Code function for added security in an emergency. With Duress Code enabled, a silent hold-up alarm triggers in the security centre if, in a threatening situation, a user enters the attack code instead of her/his own PIN.

With the Aperio L100 Lock installed on secure doors, its inbuilt sensors provide facility managers with real-time "open/closed" and "locked: yes/no" status information.

In addition, the Aperio Electronic Lock offers several smart credential handling options to enable emergency access in case of a communications failure with the access control. Up to 1,000 recently presented valid credentials can be cached automatically for up to 30 days, for user convenience and so the door may be opened without security administrator intervention. Alternatively the access control system can load, modify and delete credentials to the units for the same purpose with time limitation or permanently.

It works with an online system or as an offline lock, selected during product initialisation. When connected online, communication is via the communication hubs to your online access control system, where access decisions are made. Additional advantages of Aperio Online management include real-time control over your doors and the instant availability of audit trails for any lock or site user.

The Aperio L100 Electronic Lock is available for fire doors, as well as for multiple door profiles (Euro, Scandinavian, Finnish) and is compatible with multiple RFID technologies, including iCLASS®/ISO14443B, iCLASS® SE, Seos®, MIFARE® Classic, Plus EV1, DESFire EV1 and SE.

For all product options and detailed technical information,  check the product catalogue.

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