PROTEC2 CLIQ™. Secure your location. Optimise your efficiency.

PROTEC2 CLIQ™ is a double-secured locking and access control system. Alone, it secures your operations and makes them more efficient, but by linking it to a mobile solution, you can gain even more advantages.

  • The patented PROTEC2, based on a rotating disc cylinder, ensures the mechanical locking
  • The electronic CLIQ™ technology enables flexible management of keys, access rights and the access register.
  • PROTEC2 and CLIQ™ work together seamlessly.
  • Data transfers between the different parts of the system are strongly encrypted.

Individual access rights based on the clock and calendar

Individual access rights based on the clock and calendar ensure that employees can access the right place at the right time – and nothing else.

  • One key is enough for each employee – your own or subcontractors’ – as it has individual access rights to the necessary premises.
  • The validity of the access rights can be determined as desired, for example for one day or for only five minutes.
  • After the period of validity has ended, a lost key is not a security risk.
  • If a mobile solution is connected to the system, the unlocking rights can be verified and updated whenever a lock is opened.