Verso® CLIQ

There are certain situations which require a great deal of a locking system, sometimes more than a purely mechanical system can deliver. There are also certain performance characteristics which only a mechatronic locking system can provide. Such a locking system is VERSO®CLIQ, where sophisticated microelectronics with intelligent data encryption have been integrated into a premium mechanical lock cylinder system.

VERSO®CLIQ is the high-end version of locking systems and meets exacting standards regarding security, versatility and convenience. Moreover, VERSO®CLIQ also proves itself to be a cost-effective solution from the outset – when requirements increase, the locking system is extended, access authorisations are changed or, above all, when keys are lost.

This broad range contains locking cylinder types for doors, windows, gates, garages, letter boxes, furniture, circuits and practically every other conceivable application

VERSO®CLIQ consists of only a few components, which combine perfectly to fulfil all customary requirements expected of a first-rate locking system: locking cylinders, user keys, programming keys, a programming device and management software.

Certified ASSA ABLOY partners for CLIQ will provide you with individual locking solutions for your building's structure and environment.

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