SMARTair® in Healthcare environments

Wireless locking to secure staff, patients, drugs and confidential data

Where is SMARTair used?

  • Hospitals and clinics
  • Elderly homes and assisted living
  • Doctor/dentist offices
  • Medical centers
  • Social care centres
  • Group housing

Who is considered?

  • Employees/Doctors/Nurses
  • Patients/Elderly
  • Suppliers/Cleaning staff
  • Other external staff
  • Visitors

Common Challenges

You must keep patients, staff, residents and valuable medical equipment safe around the clock, including in real time, but need a solution that cuts the hassle of managing physical keys. With less time wasted looking for keys and replacing compromised mechanical locks, you want to make workflows more efficient.

SMARTair solution

SMARTair’s powerful access control functionality is perfectly adapted to healthcare settings, for example by enabling real-time blocking of specific doors such as labs. Additional specific healthcare solutions are available, including:

  • Antibacterial coating for escutcheons
  • Credentials for sterile environments, including bracelets
  • Automatic interior handle use detection
  • Locks for drug cabinets


Company Type:
Care Home

Skanderborg, Denmark


Management Systems:
SMARTair Offline
SMARTair Wireless Online

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