SMARTair® in Municipal buildings

Protect local government properties and services with wireless access control

Where is SMARTair used?

  • Municipalities/Local councils
  • Town hall buildings and offices
  • Social housing/Sheltered housing
  • Community services including library, gym, sports centre and cultural centre

Who is considered?

  • Citizens
  • Council employees
  • Service employees: teachers in a sports centre, office staff at a municipal theatre, etc.
  • Third-party service providers/Cleaning contractors

Common Challenges

Your locations are spread across town, so remote management in real time helps facility managers stay up-to-speed for every site. Service users require a diverse range of credentials depending on the facility, including bracelets at sports halls and flexible, smartphone-based credentials for offices. Access control upgrades must be affordable.

SMARTair solution

SMARTair adds powerful access control to every local government building. Additional functionality suited municipal properties includes:

  • Remote management - monitor from any location on any device
  • Wall readers for lifts/elevators and council car parks
  • Lockers for sports and cultural centres
  • Multiple credential types including bracelets for comfortable sports use