SMARTair® Electronic Knob Cylinder

Upgrade existing door cylinders with a SMARTair knob cylinder with integrated RFID reader. Easy to retrofit, in multiple finishes, and compatible with virtual keys stored in the SMARTair Openow app.

The new SMARTair knob cylinder is a door device improved in every way. Its world-class design is more robust and resistant. The cylinder comes in more finishes and colours, upgrading aesthetics and functionality in equal measure. Suitable for any door, it quickly upgrades your existing mechanical cylinder to an access-controlled cylinder – without any drilling or wiring at the door.

The new SMARTair knob cylinder is a wireless locking device designed for office and meeting room doors, as well as existing glass, aluminium or wooden doors where installing an escutcheon proves difficult.

Powered by a standard battery, it has an integrated RFID reader with LED (blue/red signal) with a 2cm to 4cm read/write distance. The device unlocks via standard RFID credentials, including HID iCLASS®, MIFARE® Classic and Ultralight, SKIDATA and DESFire®.

A SMARTair knob cylinder is available for almost any type of door, for easy retrofitting. Models are available in half-cylinder, cylinder with thumb turn, double electronic cylinder, double mechanical electronic cylinder and padlock formats. The hardware comes in profiles to fit any global market: European, Scandinavian, ANSI, Australian, and Finnish. 

The SMARTair knob cylinder is offered in a range of finishes for any style or design scheme. It is suitable for usage on exterior and narrow profile doors.

The knob cylinder delivers convenience for building users. It has a panic function, so users can always exit by turning an internal knob (Euro profile only). The cylinder is also compatible with virtual keys stored in the user-friendly SMARTair smartphone app, Openow, and with the TESA SMARTair app for remote opening.

Beyond security and design, SMARTair devices also deliver convenience for every user. Each device opens via a standard RFID credential, PIN code or a combination of both.

All SMARTair devices unlock with the Openow smartphone app. They work with any system management option: Standalone, Offline, Update on Card or Wireless Online.

Technical specifications
Door profiles
Suitable for wooden, narrow or glass doors

Traffic volume
Medium to high

Exterior usage
IP56 (Extreme version) Up to 85% humidity. -20°C to + 70°C

Hardware compatibility and installation
High retrofit (compatible with most common mortise locks)
Drilling, no cabling
Doors from 30mm up to 120mm (thicker doors may be possible on demand)

Power supply
Battery (from 75.000 to 105.000 cycles)* max. 2 years standby**
Type of batteries: 3 LR03 AAA 1.5V alkaline batteries


Status information
Handle usage (only Wireless Online system)
Thumb turn use: only in privacy model
Door position: door sensor not included NO (normally open) connection
Override cylinder (in combination with special mortise lock)

EN1634 (Fire)

RFID technologies
MIFARE Classic and Ultralight

Compatible mobile solutions
Openow (Offline and Wireless Online management systems)
TESA SMARTair (Remote opening app)

System management upgradability
SMARTair escutcheons can be upgradeable from Standalone >
Offline / Update On Card >
Wireless Online by:

    Adding RF module
    Firmware upgrade
    Change of internal cover (plastic top)
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