Incedo Lite security management

Powerful, embedded Incedo system management with easy set-up and operation from any standard PC.

The simplest implementation of an Incedo security management ecosystem, Incedo Lite has everything you need to ensure people move around your site freely and securely.

Fully tested in multiple real-world scenarios before launch, Incedo Lite takes the pain out of everyday security management tasks — saving you time and stress. Incedo Lite is completely free and is included with every Incedo security management ecosystem.

With Incedo Lite, you easily add doors or employees to your access system and remove them when you choose. You can set exactly who should access which doors — and when — and change your mind whenever you like.

Incedo Lite keeps up to 32 wired or wireless doors and up to 1,000 people safe and secure.

A short video gives you a taster of the Lite system management and shows you the ease of navigation. There are plenty more on our YouTube channel.

Key Incedo Lite system management features:

  • Component-rich, single platform solution
  • Software embedded within the system
  • No need to allocate a dedicated PC
  • Quick to set-up and easy to expand
  • Manages up to 32 wireless doors or up to 8 wired doors, or a combination of the two
  • Handles access for up to 1,000 users
  • Time-saving auto ID for security hardware